Simple questions when deploying Office 2007 in the Enterprise RRS feed

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    1.      I will be using SMS 2003 to deploy Office 2007 to our company.  I have a few ‘newbie’ questions that may be you can answer:


    2.      For the OMPM file scanner, can we set the scanner to run based upon an Active Directory Workstation OU?  Say, all 200 Pc’s in a given OU?  Or, does it only scan ALL pc’s on your network without much targeted control?


    3.      Office 2007 Pro Plus is a pretty big suite of software.  If I’m just installing Excel. Word. PowerPoint and Outlook 2007 is it possible to exclude additional office components to save space?  Strip out items like OneNote, Access, Info Path, and Publisher.


    4.      Is it easy to ‘roll-up’ Service Packs (1 or 2) and Office updates into the original release of Office 2007 before installation?  Have the most up to date install.


    5.      Languages.  Once I create an English-US package for my company, how difficult will it be to create German, or French Language versions of my work?  Would I have to create a new package from scratch with the different language?


    6.      Using SMS 2003, I will have the Office package cached locally on the local computer.  How much overall free space on the local client should I guesstimate?  If the SMS package is 500MB, how much additional space is required for the install (extracting files, etc)? 

    Monday, February 23, 2009 1:45 AM