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  • On a new, clean install of Vista, after installing updates and miscellaneous software (nothing that SHOULD affect this), suddenly, now, doing a right-click of the Start Button and choosing "Explore" results in an error message:

    C:\users\<my username>\Start Menu is not accessible.
    Access is Denied.

    ...and that Explorer window terminates when I click "Okay". Similarly, going to Start | All Programs | Accessories | Windows Explorer results in the error message:

    C:\users\<my username>\My Documents is not accessible.
    Access is Denied.

    ...only this time, clicking "Okay" doesn't terminate the window - it remains, but stays blank. There is a navigation bar that can be used to navigate "normally" but nothing is ever displayed in the window. The Status Bar can be turned on and displays correct info, such as "33 Items," but the window will not display folder contents.

    By going to Control Panel and then navigating to C:\ from there, I can use Windows Explorer normally from there. Also, I'm aware that the above folders are virtual in Vista - and I can see them as virtual folders when I go the Control Panel route. The problem is, whatever method Windows is internally using to start Explorer from a start-button-right-click and the start-menu short-cut, it doesn't accept that these are virtual folders - it demands they really exist, OR ELSE!


    What forum does such a question go under?


    Saturday, May 16, 2009 7:32 AM