System call cause the metro app get crashed after navigate to Settings from Charm bar RRS feed

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  • I have encountered the problem about Windows 8 API that cause my metro application crashed. My app is kind of Try & Buy.
    The detail of issue as below:
    - I launch to app in trial mode and try to buy full version, the checking price progress start
    (at this time the "RequestAppPurchaseAsync()" method called)
    - After checking price and the result is fail (at this time, "RequestAppPurchaseAsync()" finished),
    then my app navigate to Settings from Charm bar.
     - I come back to my app and now it will try to call Windows::UI::Notifications::ToastNotificationManager::CreateToastNotifier()

    - My application get crashed in this function. It seem the app crashed if call any Windows 8 API at here.

    If I don't call "RequestAppPurchaseAsync()" before that, this issue will not raise.
    Also, I try to do this in Microsoft IAP example, I meant that call "RequestAppPurchaseAsync()" before calling

    and the same issue will occur.

    Please help me find out the root cause of this issue. Thanks
    Wednesday, October 10, 2012 5:16 AM


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