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  • My site is running SharePoint 2007 Enterprise. We have 5 site collections that were initially set up to run on the same content database. Yesterday we were tasked with seperating the collections into their own database.

    Using stsadm we used the mergecontentdb to accomplish this. Everything appeared to be fine after the move was completed. The sites came up and it all looked good.

    Today we found out that all of the sites task lists have lost their Assigned To data. Everything else appears fine, and the task lists have all their history and all that. It is just that the Assigned To data is gone, on all of our task lists!

    Is there something we can do to recover that information? Might there be other information that we just haven't discovered yet that may have become corrupt due to the move?


    Correction to the above...

    This might not be related to the content being split to its own database. Not sure now as I have found some task lists that still have their assigned to data and others that do not. Not sure what else could have happend to cause this error but it isn't all across the board either.


    Thanks for your help!!!

    Thursday, April 7, 2011 3:37 PM