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       I think I have more experience than anyone alive today with wireless hackers getting into my computer, phone and sending unresponsive scripts that completely disable my devices ability to browse. Why doesn't Microsoft invest heavily in wireless technologies in all their aspects of R&D? Bluetooth devices, WiFi's, infra red capable devices are going to HAUNT humans in years to come! Yes I said HAUNT like in the horror movies where an elevator is hacked and kills its occupants, kitchen appliances used to start a fire. If hackers figured out what made the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 blow up when charging, the dangers are so real. Google wants driverless cars and I'll bet Microsoft is not far from this initiative either. Forget Snowden scaring people on how much access the government has to your information, imagine terrorists getting access to this information and causing a catastrophy from miles away. Bank accounts have been hacked with people getting access to mobile phones. The list of potential threats is endless. Where ever there is a wireless device the potential to hack into it is there. Whether its your house or car alarm, if it communicates, the wrong person can communicate with it. I am surprised how little the press and large companies like Microsoft are looking into this despite how much people's lives are going to be centered around wireless communication devices. Let me call them WCD's. The world needs to recognize this vulnerability and do some significant research in making sure that devices communicate only with the right intended people.  

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