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    I'm fairly new to Windows server and have done very little with them never set one up from scratch.

    I friend of mine has been left up the creek without a paddle but a local IT company and I'm going to try and help him find out whats going on with his SBS 2011

    User account are fine clients login to domain correctly and exchange is working with the client outlook programs adding new clients is ok

    The issues seem to be with remote connections, Remote web access Active Sync etc, the domain is configured Mail.Domainname.co.uk OWA and remote access can be accessed within the domain but out side the domain I can get to it using the public IP address of the server but that public is different to the ip I get back when pinging the mail.domainname.co.uk the is a A record within the DNS of the Server pointing to the local IP of the server.C

    Connectivy test results for outlook

    Results Testing

    Testing Outlook connectivity.
      The Outlook connectivity test failed.
    Additional Details
    Elapsed Time: 42815 ms.
    Test Steps
    Testing RPC over HTTP connectivity to server mail.Domainname.co.uk
      RPC over HTTP connectivity failed.
    Additional Details
    Elapsed Time: 42815 ms.
    Test Steps
    Attempting to resolve the host name mail.Domainname.co.uk in DNS.
      The host name resolved successfully.
    Additional Details
    IP addresses returned: 213.xxx.xx.xx, 213.xxx.xx.xxx                        
    Elapsed Time: 565 ms.
    Testing TCP port 443 on host mail.Domainname.co.uk to ensure it's listening and open.
      The specified port is either blocked, not listening, or not producing the expected response.
    Additional Details
    A network error occurred while communicating with the remote host.
    Elapsed Time: 42250 ms.

    Please help

    Wednesday, July 23, 2014 10:22 PM


  • Hi,

    From the error description, connection failure is commonly caused by the following things:

    1. The specified port is not listening for TCP connections.

    2. A firewall, proxy server, or hardware device is blocking the connection to your server.

    3. The network is congested.

    For more information, here is a thread for your reference:

    A Network Error Occurred while Communicating with Remote Host


    Hope it helps.

    Best regards,

    Amy Wang
    TechNet Community Support

    Thursday, July 24, 2014 8:47 AM