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  • Hi,

    Just wondering if anyone could tell me what will affect the version of Windows Update Agent in clients?

    As I have checked a few Windows 7 SP1 computers here, some having the version of  7.6.7601 (the correct version) while some having the version of 7.6.7600 and 7.5.7601 for their wuaueng.dll in C:\Windows\System32.

    These computers are freshly re-formatted, and we did not do any upgrade to their WUA.

    Enlighten me please!

    Thursday, February 23, 2017 8:36 AM

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  • WUA Agent can be updated automatically, or you are using different images, Software deployments, scripts, GPOs, whatever. It's impossible to tell without sitting in front of them. WindowsUpdate.log might tell details.

    Torsten Meringer |

    Thursday, February 23, 2017 9:00 AM
  • I have the following notes, from checking into this some time ago..

    Windows Update Client for Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2: March 2016 
    WUAgent is v7.6.7601.19161
    Convenience rollup
    WUAgent is v7.6.7601.23435
    x86 Windows 7   
    File name File version File size Date 7.6.7601.23453 11,776 13-May-16
    Wuapi.dll 7.6.7601.23453 573,440 13-May-16
    Wudriver.dll 7.6.7601.23453 93,696 13-May-16
    Wups.dll 7.6.7601.23453 30,208 13-May-16
    Wuapp.exe 7.6.7601.23453 35,328 13-May-16
    Wuwebv.dll 7.6.7601.23453 174,080 13-May-16
    Wuauclt.exe 7.6.7601.23453 136,192 13-May-16
    Wuaueng.dll 7.6.7601.23453 2,060,288 13-May-16
    Wups2.dll 7.6.7601.23453 35,840 13-May-16
    Wucltux.dll 7.6.7601.23453 2,945,536 13-May-16

    x64 Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2     
    File name File version File size Date Time Platform 7.6.7601.23453 12,288 13-May-16 21:52 x64
    Wuapi.dll 7.6.7601.23453 709,120 13-May-16 21:53 x64
    Wudriver.dll 7.6.7601.23453 98,816 13-May-16 22:09 x64
    Wups.dll 7.6.7601.23453 36,864 13-May-16 21:52 x64
    Wuapp.exe 7.6.7601.23453 37,888 13-May-16 21:53 x64
    Wuwebv.dll 7.6.7601.23453 192,512 13-May-16 22:09 x64
    Wuauclt.exe 7.6.7601.23453 140,288 13-May-16 21:52 x64
    Wuaueng.dll 7.6.7601.23453 2,607,104 13-May-16 21:55 x64
    Wups2.dll 7.6.7601.23453 37,888 13-May-16 21:52 x64
    Wucltux.dll 7.6.7601.23453 3,156,480 13-May-16 22:09 x64
    Wuapi.dll 7.6.7601.23453 573,440 13-May-16 21:38 x86
    Wudriver.dll 7.6.7601.23453 93,696 13-May-16 21:38 x86
    Wups.dll 7.6.7601.23453 30,208 13-May-16 21:38 x86
    Wuapp.exe 7.6.7601.23453 35,328 13-May-16 21:38 x86
    Wuwebv.dll 7.6.7601.23453 174,080 13-May-16 21:50 x86

    Don [doesn't work for MSFT, and they're probably glad about that ;]

    Thursday, February 23, 2017 11:16 AM
  • Some of windows updates will affect the windows update agent version as well.

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  • As a side note here, you need to be cognizant of the entire version number. 7.6.7601 is ambiguous as it does not show the entire version number. The latest WUA version for Win 7 (as of June 2016) is 7.6.7601.23453.

    The July 2016 cumulative update for Win 7 contains the latest WUA even though it's not explicitly listed (as noted by Don). The recent CUs for Win 7 are partial cumulative updates as well and may contain this latest WUA also.

    Jason | | @jasonsandys

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    Thursday, February 23, 2017 2:23 PM
  • Since Windows Vista and later OS versions, WUAgent is an inbox component of Windows, so it is serviced along the same lines as the OS itself.

    So Windows Update is actually serviced by...Windows Update ;)

    The WUAgent version is checked during preamble of a scan/detect/report interaction, and, when wuauserv starts up, when WUAgent communicates with WU/MU/WSUS.
    *there are some exceptions to this rule, eg, COM/API calls to WUAgent are not forced to perform self-update checks

    So, in a ConfigMgr scenario, depending upon your implementation/settings, your managed clients *may* perform self-update check of WUAgent against your SUP (WSUS). And so if you are correctly maintaining your SUP(WSUS) there may be WUAgent self-updating occurring from that.

    Or, you could be approving/deploying updates from WSUS, or deploying such updates via ConfigMgr SUM.

    Or, your client computers might be contacting MSFT MU/WU, either as configured or if end-user/script initiated (eg 'check online for updates')

    When a client contacts WU/MU, self-update is performed.

    Don [doesn't work for MSFT, and they're probably glad about that ;]

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  • Hi all,

    Thanks for all the replies! Very informative and well noted

    Thank you!

    Tuesday, February 28, 2017 7:42 AM