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  • Hi All,

    My department has a requirement that all projects must be on Sharepoint Online as this is how senior managment like to get their updates.

    However, my team will be working on 5 individual projects which will have some (small amount of) inter-dependencies between the projects.

    I would also like to manage and report on the overall plan and work for the team, so I want to create a master project which contains all 5 of the individual projects.

    I was hoping to use MS project to manage all the projects, including the Master Project, and have these integrated into sharpoint online.

    However, it is my understanding that sharepoint online project sites does not support inter-dependencies between projects or master projects.

    I had to argue to get the MS project licenses approved, and as a large multi-national, we have very strict rules on what software can be used, so I don't think I would get any other 3rd party product approved.

    Does anyone have any suggestions on how I could model the above scenario between MS project and sharepoint online project sites?



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  • jtf_ie --

    Your department has made a bad decision mandating that every project should be stored in a SharePoint Online site.  Because of limitations with SharePoint, you cannot create master projects, nor can you create cross-project dependencies as you say you need to do.  If your organization were using Project Online instead, you would have no problems with these requirements, plus the reporting would be way more robust for your executives.  But working in SharePoint Online is going to cause you problems for which there is no practical solution.  Sorry.  Hope this helps.

    Dale A. Howard [MVP]

    Tuesday, June 5, 2018 8:40 PM
  • Brendan,

    If you are using Project Server or Project Online there are various options to support multiple projects and master projects - you mention SharePoint Online, can you clarify if you are using Project Online, sometimes known as PWA?

    The reporting capabilities of Project Server/Project Online are significant and really only limited by the "meta data" you invest your projects, tasks and resources with.

    If you are using either Server or Project Online I would suggest defining two additional project level fields, one to identify your type of project, is it a (2) sub-project, a (1) master project or a (3)standalone project (these values or something akin to them can be held in a lookup table). Another project field can be used to hold the names of any programmes (groups of projects) you may be managing. Using these 2 attributes you can create a project centre view that groups by programme and lists projects by type (sadly Project Type is a field that already exists so I tend to create a field called Project Class) - by using the numeric prefix I suggest here you will always have the Master Project at the top of the pile and the sub-projects listed below.

    You can create "hard dependencies" between projects by having both projects open at the same time in Microsoft Project and then go Window. New Window and select both open projects to be displayed in a new window - the new window is a project plan that contains both the open projects, you can then create a link between a task in one project and a task in the other. When you have finished establishing such links simply close the window, you will be prompted to save changes to the existing projects, do that and you will have external predecessors and external successors established.

    For reporting purposes you can have simple views in the project centre or go the whole 9 yards by reporting data using O-Data in Excel or Power BI if you have access to it.

    With good wishes,


    Microsoft Project Evangelist

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    Tuesday, June 5, 2018 8:45 PM
  • I get around this problem by placing all necessary files into one folder or structured sub-folders. Then I send the top level folder to a compressed ("zip") file and put this in SP.

    Users need to download the zip file to a file location (not open from SP) for the master project to be able to find the sub projects and for inter-project links to be maintained.

    Tuesday, June 12, 2018 1:51 PM
  • Hey Brendan,

    As others have mentioned, you need to use Project Online if you want to be successful in this effort. Trying to store these in a SharePoint will give you constant headaches. 

    Project Online is built on SharePoint, so this should satisfy your Senior Mgmt, you will also be able to enable very powerful reporting for them using Power BI. 

    Here's the really good news, if you got the MS Project licenses through O365, you should actually have Project Online licenses already!!

    Project Online also enables you to use deliverables and dependencies features and the connected SharePoint Project Sites.  

    Hope that helps

    Friday, June 22, 2018 4:37 PM