One MDT 2012 server, multiple locations, multicast RRS feed

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  • For a client with different locations i need to setup the following:

    An deployment environment with MDT 2012.
    I want to use distribution points. (Bandwith between the location are small) 
    I want to use one MDT server
    I want to use multicast transmission to the clients.

    Can you advise me how to setup this environment?

    Wednesday, October 30, 2013 3:36 PM

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  • Hi Romke,

    Let me try to answer your question in parts:

    First the single deployment share, is perfectly possible. Your master deployment share can be replicated in various ways, for instance:

    • Linked deployment shares, based on selection profiles
    • robocopy /mir
    • distributed file system with replication

    My suggestion would be, the last two (whatever suits best in your environment) since linked deploymentshares can be a little bit buggy (not all content replicated etc.)

    The second thing is having on MDT Server, as we all know MDT is not a server, its a share with files and scripts. This share can be located anywhere, on a NAS, SMB fileshare, DFS space, a workstation and a server.

    Basically the console is the part where you would want to use a server for.

    If you say you want to use 'one MDT server', does this mean you want to have on share? If that is the case, then I definitely would go for DFS.

    Then the last part, using multicast transmission to the clients is also perfectly possible with MDT, in combination with WDS (you need WDS also for PXE boot, and WDS can handle multicast transmissions)

    So configuring your environment for MDT in combination with WDS for PXE Boot and Multicast can be read here:

    Enable Multicast Deployments with MDT 2010/WDS on Same Computer

    MultiCasting with MDT/WDS

    Option 3: Use Multicasting with MDT and the Windows Server 2008 Windows Deployment Services Role

    Multicasting with Windows Deployment Services and MDT 2010

    Based on your infrastructure topology, you either configure WDS for PXE and Multicast on each location if you have a separate DHCP server on each location. Or you configure 1 multicast configuration for your entire network. In the last part I think traffic will always go over WAN, and since you say this is least desirable. I think you need to work to the scenario of having your content stored on each location via DFS and use multicast on each location alone.

    Good luck!

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    Thursday, October 31, 2013 9:39 AM