My PIN setting is not working RRS feed

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  • Okay, it sounds like something already asked but it's not. I've looked everywhere to find a solution and I can't. Just please hear me out.

    ( Side-note: I am using Windows 10, if it's not already implied )

    My problem is, back when I first started using my ASUS gaming laptop, I used a PIN logon to get in quicker. But recently, my pin isn't showing up in sign-in options. When I first noticed the problem I went to my settings, and what caught my attention is that it said "add" underneath the PIN setting. My PIN had been completely erased, then I went to re-add the PIN it asked for my password. It seemed normal until after I entered my password it asked for my PIN, my previous pin that looked "erased." I entered it and waited... then waited more. Nothing came up. The spinning symbol showed up but only after I entered it and stayed only if I kept my mouse still, so I tried to keep it still. Just as you expected, nothing happens. This is quite upsetting to me as I only used the PIN option for a fast and easy way to sign-in.

    I asked my friend, who not only has a Windows 10 computer but uses the PIN and he suggested, even though it's quite annoying, a reset on the computer. I really do not want to do a reset as I have many things on my PC that I'd like to keep.

    Please help me, I'm quite distressed and upset that this had happened.

    Sunday, February 12, 2017 6:47 PM