More Relationships between Fact & Dimension


  • Hi, this is my first cube project and I am stuck on the design. I have one Fact table tracking different floating statuses of my Products. 

    Simply, I have the following: [Date], [Product_ID], [Status_From], [Status_To]. Logically, I have Dimension table Status with [ID], [Status name]

    When I create 2 regular relationships between the FACT and DIM tables, SSAS always creates 2 Dimensions, one for Status_From and one for Status_To.

    This will restrict me when I write MDX to count events with a particular status... e.g. status "Moved". What is the best design in this case?

    I seek to count events based on one or two statuses. 
    Sunday, November 17, 2013 5:51 PM


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