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    We had a city-wide power failure  at Office A and as a result Exchange Server A (ES-A) was taken offline for an extended period of time.  The last good backup of ES-A-DB was from the previous business day.  The DR plan was enacted and the ES-A mailbox database (ES-A-DB) was recovered to Exchange Server B (ES-B) as ES-B-DB2.  Keeping in mind that a days worth of emails still reside on ES-A-DB.


    I employed the database portability method when restoring the ES-A-DB to ES-B-DB2 at Office B.  I rehomed the exchange users in active directory to now use ES-A-DB2.  Users are working fine, activesync worked without issue.  All is well.

    I now face the situation where power has been restored to Office A and the server is available.  I have NOT turned this server on yet as I am not sure what the net affect will be on ES-A and ES-A-DB.

    The primary goal of the business is to recover the mail items from the missing day that was not backed up and recovered to ES-B-DB2.  What would be the best way to do achieve this objective?  

    This is what I am thinking, though its all theoretical since I've never been in this situation.

    - boot the Exchange Server with the network card disconnected

    - Dismount ES-A-DB from ES-A

    - Remove ES-A-DB from Exchange Org on ES-B

    - Process logs and put the ES-A-DB in a Clean state

    - mount as recovery database

    - copy differential mail items to ES-B-DB2 mailboxes

    Anyone have insight on this?

    Thanks for your help in advance.

    Thursday, October 16, 2014 8:49 PM


  • No need to dismount , remove from the org or boot the server w/o a NIC. The association between Exchange and the user is in AD and you already changed that when you set the new database with database portability.

    I would just follow the instructions for restoring back to their current production mailboxes (DB2).


    Try it with a sample mailbox or two and see how it handles the conflict resolution for duplicates.

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