How to Configure Reporting Services with Sharepoint integrated in sharepoint 2010 standard 3 tier farm environment when installed sql server 2008 r2 standard in native mode?? RRS feed

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  • Hope all are doing good.I am new to sharepoint administration.I wanted to setup a 3 tier sharepoint server 2010 standard along with the reporting services configuration in web front end server.
    Below is the brief explaination of what all i did.

    3-tier farm details are below:

    Application Server,Web front End server and Database Server.

    Following are the steps of what i did.

    1.In Database Server i installed sql server 2008 r2 standard edition.
    while choosing reporting services Configuration, i chose native mode.

    2.In application server, i installed all the prequisites for sharepoint server 2010 standard along with reporting services add-in
    then installed sharepoint and configured by connecting it with the database instance which is in database server.So this is a application server now.
    also installed sp1 of both sharepoint 2010 foundation and also sp1 of sharepoint server 2010 and configured successfully with all default services available for standard edition.

    3.In web front server,I followed the same steps above but chose connected to an existing farm and chose the same database instance as i chose for application server,sharepoint installation and configuration was successful.

    4.Now i want to configure reporting services(SSRS) for sharepoint.So i changed the report server mode from Native to sharepoint integrated by running reporting services configuration manager.
    When i click on Web server URL under Web server URL pane.I was getting an error called
    The configuration parameter SharePointIntegrated is set to True but Share Point Object Model cannot be loaded. The error was: System.IO.FileNotFoundException.
    5.Now i went back to Webfrontend server to configure Reporting Services but that option was missing in central Administration->General Application Settings

    Question:How to configure Reporting Services under this circumstance? Please reply if any remedy.

    Tuesday, August 7, 2012 10:04 AM

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  • now i also installed and configured Sharepoint server 2010 standard in database server as one more web front end.

    Even now i am not getting the option reporting Services integration Central Administration->General Application Settings

    in Application server.

    please  tel me how to achieve it so that i can configure the reporting services?

    Friday, August 10, 2012 3:17 AM