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  • I am migrating data from file share to O365 one drive. I am using SPMT tool through powershell. 

    I am testing incremental migration. My source contains 2 text files(second.txt, second2.txt) which are ready for migration.

    Destination folder where files are supposed to get migrated already contains file second.txt. So according to incremental migration second.txt should be skipped and second2.txt should be migrated. After running the migration, I see a difference between task report and overall summary report. Task report has a column "Files migrated=1" and Overall summary as a column "Files migrated=2".  So according to the incremental migration Task report is correct in my case but I want to know why Overall summary is showing "Files migrated=2". I want to confirm whether incremental migration is applied or not.

    Wednesday, May 6, 2020 6:39 PM