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  • Environment: Exchange 2007 SP3 on Windows 2008 Servers, AD 2008/2003 DC's, multiple AD sites (Tokyo, NY, London, Sydney).

    A user in NY got married and submitted a request to have her email/display name changed from Jane Doe to Jane Smith. This was carried out in NY on Saturday. I confirmed the change by checking on another NY Exch server I was carrying out some work on.

    I logged onto a Sydney Exchange server today and the change had not updated. I logged onto a different Sydney Exchange server and the change WAS there. I then checked the Sydney DC's, and some DC's had the new name, others didn't. Looks like we have replication issues, but I wanted to check -

    1. When using the Exchange 2007 Management Console (or even the Management Shell), how can I check which DC I'm connected to?

    2. If I wanted to check whether there was a replication problem on the DC with the Jane Doe name, would Dcdiag show me this? What should I be looking for? An other, replication specific command I can run?

    3. How can I force replication within the same AD site?

    4. How can I force replication to a specific AD server from a specific AD server?

    5. Is there any ill effect of forcing replication from one server to another? Is there any chance of replicating false data?

    6. For an example situation, let me say that the DC with Jane Doe (i.e. had not updated yet) was set to replicate to London. Does this mean that London DC's would also have old data?
    Sunday, July 10, 2011 10:58 PM


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