Split DNS and auto failover to other site ?

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  • Hi,

    I hope I can ask my complicated question here?

    First i describe my setup then question so i hope you understand this mutch beter?

    I hope :-D

    I have network of 3 site (1 domain) + 1 remote partner site . 
    On site 1 and 2 i have my servers for 3 is client only site
    Site 1 is the first site does have IPv6

    We also have remote site with forest trust.
    Internal we use the domain name domain.local external

    All servers are windows 2012 except the sccm server (not upgrade yet)

    I put everything in nice diagram:
    Network diagram

    The isue i have the following :
    We use outlookanywhere so an laptop/remote user can use his outlook with VPN. for that goal i have the subdomain This has an A record with external ip of site 1 and 2 and 1 AAAA record for srv02 second interface on site1. I want to run my domain on my own DNS servers. I prefer not to install extra DNS servers on the network.
    The problem i have is in two parts

    Part 1:
    I want that for external usages the ips to be the external IPs of site 1 and 2.
    But on inside i want them to use an internal IP becouse external ip is not reachable from the inside.
    In bind9 on linux you can use split DNS for this. Can dit also be done with Microsoft DNS with out installing extra dns servers?

    If the answer is yes HOW ? 

    Part 2: failover and keep trafic so local as possibly
    I prefer that when some body access in site 1, i want them to go to srv02 and if they are in site 2 they go to srv08. But when let say SRV08 is down i want them to go to SRV02. Can that be down i prefer that detection is done automatically.

    If the answer is yes HOW ? 

    Thanks for the help in advance!!!!

    Ps. If my grammar is not totally correct, this is due to'm dyslexic. Sorry there for when you need clarification please please say it?

    With kind regards, Bas van den Dikkenberg

    Sunday, July 14, 2013 1:15 PM

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