Add, Edit, Delete Project Online data using Excel RRS feed

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  • Team,

    I am aware/comfortable accessing our Project Online data using the ODATA - I set up connections/queries using Excel 365 and Power Query etc..

    What I'd like to do - is after loading the data from let's say the Projects object - I'd like to modify the project data values in excel - much easier than doing it in MS Project. For example, what if I wanted to change the Start and Finish Dates to be the value they are now PLUS 75 days. Easy in Excel to do a formula, then update the values.

    I've done this with other tools for applications like SalesForce etc 

    What I'm wondering is if/how - after I make these edits - what can I do to then PUSH the edits back into Project online.

    Hopefully, my question makes sense?

    Monday, September 16, 2019 2:18 AM