Configuration Manager 2012 SP1 Prerequisite Checker returns "Migration active source hierarchy" error RRS feed

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    I am getting "Migration active source hierarchy" error in the SCCM 2012 SP1 prerequisite checker on the CM 2012 primary site. The error says "There is an active hierarchy configuration for the migration. Please stop data gathering for each source site in the source hierarchy." However, actually there is no migration source hierarchy configured and there are no migration jobs displayed in CM 2012 console. We used to configure this feature to migrate CM 2007 to current CM 2012 without service pack two years ago and we have deleted these configurations. 

    In migmctrl.log, the following record is being generated every 60 minutes. 

    Connection string = Data Source=xxxxx;Initial Catalog=xxxxx;Integrated Security=True;Persist Security Info=False;MultipleActiveResultSets=True;Encrypt=True;TrustServerCertificate=False;Application Name="Migration Manager".~~  $$<SMS_MIGRATION_MANAGER><04-07-2014 01:01:53.710+300><thread=6992 (0x1B50)>
    Created new sqlConnection to xxxxx~~  $$<SMS_MIGRATION_MANAGER><04-07-2014 01:01:53.741+300><thread=6992 (0x1B50)>
                                                                    [Worker]: Start two step scheduling for MIG_Job~~  $$<SMS_MIGRATION_MANAGER><04-07-2014 01:01:53.741+300><thread=6992 (0x1B50)>
                                                                    [Worker]:         Step 1. Query the schedule items that was running or requested to start immediately ...~~  $$<SMS_MIGRATION_MANAGER><04-07-2014 01:01:53.741+300><thread=6992 (0x1B50)>
                                                                    [Worker]:         Step 2. Query the first item in order of DateNextRun ...~~  $$<SMS_MIGRATION_MANAGER><04-07-2014 01:01:53.819+300><thread=6992 (0x1B50)>
                                                                    [Worker]:                 No item found. Sleep until the next event.~~  $$<SMS_MIGRATION_MANAGER><04-07-2014 01:01:53.882+300><thread=6992 (0x1B50)>
                                                                    [Worker]: End two step scheduling for MIG_Job~~  $$<SMS_MIGRATION_MANAGER><04-07-2014 01:01:53.882+300><thread=6992 (0x1B50)>
    [MigMCtrl]: the workitem queue is full!~  $$<SMS_MIGRATION_MANAGER><04-07-2014 01:01:53.882+300><thread=6992 (0x1B50)>
    [MigMCtrl]: WAIT 3 event(s) for 60 minute(s) and 0 second(s).~  $$<SMS_MIGRATION_MANAGER><04-07-2014 01:01:53.882+300><thread=6992 (0x1B50)>


    I am not really sure where to look into in this case. I would appreciate any advice. 

    Monday, April 7, 2014 6:42 AM

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