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  • I have 6 subprojects, ranging in size from 4-6 megs and 1 subproject, which is 25 megs. My master project file is currently 113 megs and keeps growing every time I open and save the master project, even though I'm not adding any new tasks.  Its starting to take a long time to open and I often get a message that states "project is not responding" before the Master project opens.  I'm afraid it will get so large it won't open.  What can I do to limit the size or control the size of the master project?  Is there a size limit on the master?
    Thursday, January 19, 2017 10:35 PM

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  • Karen,

    Yes, there is a size limit but it's a lot bigger than your files. However what Project can handle theoretically and what it can handle given computer memory and speed (processing and graphics) are very different things.

    My first question is this. You apparently are using a dynamic master (i.e. linked structure) and those are unfortunately prone to corruption. Is there a particular reason why you need a dynamic master? If you do not need to have the files linked, you would be much better off using a static master. To create a static master, which is basically a snapshot in time of all the files, you un-check the "link to project" option in the lower right corner of the Insert Project window. The disadvantage of a static master is that you need to create a new one each time you want to see the combined set of files. But the advantage, and this is a big one in your case, a static master is not prone to corruption and paring down a growing file size is a lot easier.

    As a secondary question, what version of Project are you using and is it updated with the latest cumulative update?


    Friday, January 20, 2017 2:08 AM