Limit the DPM backup only in LAN RRS feed

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  • We are using DPM2012 to protect our users' laptop data. We want such backup runs only while the users are in same LAN of DPM server, and backup shall be stopped if users travel to other site, and backup shall not be run over the WAN to reduce WAN load. I have set the backup network to be the LAN segment, but looks it doesn't work. While my users travel to other site, backup sync still runs and it congested WAN connection.

    Is there a best practise for such scenario?

    My current example setup similar to following

    All laptops and DPM server are in network

    If users travel to other sites, they will have IPs such as or so on

    Only backup network on DPM configured as, but users laptops are still get synced while having IP as 192.168.5.XXX

    Any advice?

    Monday, December 21, 2015 9:32 AM