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  • I've read quite a few KB articles on deploying SQL Express silently using the command line and a .ini file. Unfortunately I still have some questions before I can make my own .ini file. This is for a local sql server.

    • What is the INSTANCENAME attribute meant to be? If it is different from the server installed on my local machine which I have coded the application on, would it be an issue?
    • What should USERNAME/SQLACCOUNT and SQLPASSWORD be? I can't remember having to setup these for the local database so I can't imagine what it's meant to be set as.
    • What is the PIDKEY?
    Thank you in advance.
    Thursday, December 13, 2007 1:17 PM


  • I think there is no better place than BOL for these information


    (a) InstanceName: You can install default of named instance in SQL Server.  From BOL

    This is information for the Instance Name dialog box. The INSTANCENAME parameter is REQUIRED for instance-aware components. For a default instance, use MSSQLSERVER. For shared, instance-unaware components -- Notification Services, Integration Services, and client components -- this parameter can be omitted.




    This is information for the Service Accounts dialog box. These parameters are required for both stand-alone and virtual server installations. If these parameters are not specified, Setup will fail.

    If these parameters are not specified for installations of SQL Server Express Edition, Setup will default to a specific built in machine account depending on the underlying Operating System:

    • For Windows XP and Windows 2003, the default service account will be NetworkService (NT AUTHORITY).

    • For Windows 2000, the default service account is LocalSystem (NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM).

    If you would like SQL Express to be installed with a specific account, it is recommended that you do not use the default settings. Instead, use the *ACCOUNT settings and make sure to specify the DOMAIN\user name - e.g., SQLACCOUNT=DOMAINNAME\ACCOUNT


    (c)  PIDKEY is an optional one i believe. In express you don't have any.


    Refer : ms-help://MS.SQLCC.v9/MS.SQLSVR.v9.en/instsql9/html/df40c888-691c-4962-a420-78a57852364d.htm#upgrade



    Thursday, December 13, 2007 2:05 PM