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  • I own 2000 music CDs & rip only songs I like to WMP 11 library in MP3 format. I don't buy music online, I am a music collecter with a library of 15 gbs on this desktop windows xp sp3 media center. I don't use Media Center at all, but it was factory installed. My MP3 player, a Sony Walkman NWZ-S545 is all I use now & it worked before using WMP 10 & 11. I keep ripping my CDs to WMP 11 & can only sync upto  half the space of the 15 gbs. It recognizes the Walkman & lets me know just how much gb space is left on device & the device itself says the same. When I first used the device everything & anything audio wise did sync upto 14 gb. I had numerous copies of same songs 2 to 4 times wasting space on device. That was done on auto which I did not want. I like to manually sync only my favorite songs & no 2 -4 copies of the same song. I don't do videos. I have deleted what was protected audio before because I don't give a damn about DRM. I don't buy music online & get ripped off. It's as if my whole library might be corrupted or the software that comes packaged in the device once you first plug it in USB. I have over 7 gbs left & cannot drag or drop IE nor sync manually now. I have uninstalled wmp 11 or rollback to 10 then upgrade back up to wmp 11. All my hardware in pc is in great shape for windows xp, only had a few hardware pieces replaced with new. TAKE NOTICE --- I had no hard time when device was recognized by the letter I in the same USB port under " my computer ". It is not listed that way anymore. Device manager recognizes it & wmp 11 also, but won't allow sync in any way now. I was using " my music folder " open and sending music files to that drive letter I where the device was listed & was able to load my songs that way when sync didn't work for me in wmp 11, manually or auto. I have deleted quite a many copies of same songs  audio files from lbrary & pc then would rip those same files I deleted from my CD collection with new format of mp3 & done same in options. I can rip, burn, play CDs, but no more sync. If there is way without using WMP 11 I'm for it. I know there is freeware out there & I know which ones, but would rather play it straight with WMP 11. My device has to be reset everytime now I try to sync & I have tried to sync 10 -15 files at a time instead of 3-5 gb's of audio files I listed in sync list. I probably done something wrong trying to sync manually which is what I want to do. This library is old & have deleted  a lot of old protected files that needed to be re-ripped anyway. Like I said I have a store room of music & only want to play the best songs of on my only mp 3 player that I plug into speaker on my home theater set up. I have used much smaller mp 3 players of 4 gb down. This is the only one I use now & that is why I bought a 15 gb device.I have uninstalled any other music player & have listed WMP11 as default on custom settings. I have tried many ways & probably added to this problem. I'm tired of ripping & just wanted to finish off the space left on mp 3 device which has another 7 gb of room left. I have read on & on about WMP & digital rights which I try to stay away from. I won't lose my music never but it has become a headache to figure out this problem. It even list the songs I rip as files I added to my music library, I don't have a checked box in DRM options. I soon will get a new PC even though this one has all it's bells & whistles working. Bad at files, but good at hardware maintenace.

    ????????????What the hell's wrong WLOC & What is right?????

    Thursday, March 14, 2013 6:25 AM