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  • I'm in the military and use a CAC CARD reader to access websites. After a recent windows update, my computer no longer detects my CAC CARD. The card reader is fine, but the card itself isn't detecting.

    The card reader is detected, I've updated and reinstalled the driver multiple times. I've tried rolling it back. I've installed the Certificates from the militaryCAC website. I've adjusted my internet settings. The card reader shows on the computer under Device Manager, it shows on other computers too, and the CAC Card works on other computers. It is not a problem with the card reader, or the card, it is a problem with some settings in this computer. Internet explorer, google chrome, and firefox all fail to see the CAC Card on this computer. 

    The card reader i'm using is called "Stanley Global Technologies" and in Device Manager it shows as Smart Card Reader- "Alcor Micro USB Smart Card Reader".

    System type: 64-bit operating system, x64 based processor

    Edition: Windows 10 Enterprise

    Version: 1903

    Installed on: 10/21/2019

    OS Build 18362.418

    Windows version 1903

    Lenova Thinkpad P50

    Noteable: the internet browers all crash every time I go to a website requiring the CAC Card. It will state: "Please insert a CAC Card" (even though one is already inserted). You can either click "OK" or "cancel", but the the browser will always stop responding and crash.

    Is there a fix to make my computer to recognize that a CAC card is inserted?

    Tuesday, November 26, 2019 9:05 PM

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