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  • I have had vista home premium in a dell C521 desktop for a year now and I am just trying to finally get "moved in" and get all these little bugs settled down.  I have half a dozen glitches and work arounds that I am sure could be fixed if I had some support, so I figured I would put them out here and see if anyone can help me.  If there is a faster way or some contact number or chat console I can ask at please forward me the info so I can get these annoying little problems resolved.


    • messenger/hotmail:  A new message comes in, rarely does the notification pop up in the corner like it should. (about 1/3 of the time at best).
    • when it does pop up and I click it, hotmail (new version-not classic) opens, sometimes in its own window, other times it hijacks whatever sub window or application I had open and wrecks whatever I was doing or looking at in there.
    • when it does open in it's own IE7 window the message is displayed by itself (no inbox list above it).  That part is fine and normal but when I hit the print icon, it goes to a hotmail error screen and won't let me print until I open the email from my inbox like normal.
    • my "# of messages in email inbox" in the menu on the tray is rarely right.  If I delete a bunch it still shows the old number and will even add to it as new mail comes in and gets deleted.
    • Does Hotmail work with windows mail?  If so where do I look for info to set it up?  I hate having to click mailto:'s in webpages and copy/paste them into my hotmail online.
    • I have a (POP3 I think) email address i could use with it but I have no idea how to get the info windows mail required to set it up.  I would just like it to work with one of my addresses at least.

    General problem

    • Every time my pc sleeps, and I wake it up, I need to turn off/on my Zebra-Eltron UPS LP2844 Thermal label printer to get it to print anything.  UPS techs were stumped, and they dug into it pretty deep.  I can only assume it is a problem with my computer.  It is usb connected.

    All of these things (and a few others like ultra slow loading of "my ebay" pages add up to a frustrating experience sometimes.  Any help on any of these issues would be appreciated!


    I just worked out the problem I was having with my Norton 360 back-up and my HP printer continuously re loading itself every time I restart the pc, so hopefully I can keep it going and get the rest of these bugs resolved.

    Wednesday, September 10, 2008 8:09 PM