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  • hi, I'm the engineer MUSTAFA  SADEQ JAAFAR, I'm facing some problems when i'm trying to use Microsoft office 2009 professional for multiple users.
    lately ma boss has asked me to deploy and configure Microsoft Office Accounting 2009 Professional specifically because of the multiuser option that we need in our company cause we're gonna hire a couple of accountants to manage the financial issues of our company and so on so we need to arrange the connection among them and our boss so that's why we've chosen this product.
    now the thing is that I've checked your website about this product and I've read a lot about how to set it up and i did everything like it says in here(http://office.microsoft.) but i was facing a problem which is a pop-up window says that the access to the database was not granted and you will know what it means since you know that I followed the instructions.
    and there are some other things that i wanna know and tell you about it so you can help me more like is it possible to use windows 7 or windows server 2008 R2 for example instead of what you've mentioned about using windows vista or xp professional service pack 2 or windows server 2003 service pack 1 so if it is possible then mention for me the the names of them and how to set up the product for using the multiuser feature that we need.
    and i wanna tell you also that I've established the wireless connection using one of our wireless networks where I've got the required .sbc file in a shared folder in the boss's PC(the server) so along with the other steps mentioned in your article I've started facing the problem that I just mentioned above so hoping that you guys can help me with solving it cause we trust your products and that made me decide to choose this product and as the responsible engineer to manage this plan for the company I've got ma boss's permission to do the necessary to proceed with this thing and get it done so please help me to walk through this thing and get it done.
    looking forward to hear from you and I'll submit ma email address so we can write for each other and communicate in order succeed in this thing hopefully ok, thanks a lot in advance.

    the engineer Mustafa Sadeq Jaafar

    M.tech I.T, MCSA

    please if u can't help me direct me to the right place.

    Thursday, April 18, 2013 12:47 PM

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