Some documents can not be found by SiteId


  • Hello everybody!

    I found a few documents that can not be found after SiteId and ListId.

    I use SearchQueryToolv2.5 for troubleshooting.

    If I use this query:

    SiteID:{GUID} AND WebID:{GUID} AND ListID:{GUID} AND ListItemId:Id

    Search return 0 ansfer.

    If I use this query:

    Path:ListURL AND ListItemId:Id

    I can find this document and can see that all the values are there.

    If I use this query:

    SiteID:b682a6e* AND WebID:{GUID} AND ListID:345c4f29* AND ListItemId:Id

    I can find this document.

    Any ideas?

    Please help!!!

    Best regards,


    Wednesday, July 11, 2018 8:53 AM

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