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  • I am working on a script to apply a specific retention policy to individuals who are members of a particular group, another for rooms, and yet another to everyone else.  Below is what I'm working with:
    I run into an error that states "Pipeline not executed because a pipeline is already executing..." and the retention policy doesn't get set.  can someone tell me where I've gone wrong here?  Or perhaps an easier solution?

    #Check entire domain
    Set-ADServerSettings -ViewEntireForest $true

    #Active Directory Group

    #Enum Group Members and set equal to array
    $Grouplist = $Group.member

    #do loop varaible setup
    $GroupArrayLength=$GroupLength - 1
    $GroupCount = 0
    $Userlist= @(0..$GroupArrayLength)

    #do loop to disable purge policy for all array members
    do {
    $Userlist[$GroupCount] = [ADSI]("LDAP://" + $Grouplist[$GroupCount])
    $UsersDN[$GroupCount] = $userlist[$GroupCount].distinguishedname
    $GroupLength=$GroupLength - 1
    until ($GroupLength -eq 0)

    Get-mailbox -database db01 -resultsize Unlimited | foreach-object{
    if ([string[]]$UsersDN -contains $_.DistinguishedName){
      if ($_.RetentionPolicy -ne "NoPurge"){
       set-mailbox $_ -RetentionPolicy NoPurge
       write-host("Applied - No Purge Policy to "+$_.DisplayName) -ForeGroundColor Green
    elseif (($_.RecipientTypeDetails -eq "RoomMailBox") -or ($_.RecipientTypeDetails -eq "EquipmentMailbox")){
      if ($_.RetentionPolicy -ne "Default Resource/Equipment Policy"){
       set-mailbox -identity $_ -RetentionPolicy "Default Resource/Equipment Policy"
       write-host("Applied - Default Resource/Equipment Policy to "+$_.DisplayName) -ForeGroundColor Green
      if ($_.RetentionPolicy -ne "180DayDefault"){
       set-mailbox -identity $_ -RetentionPolicy "180DayDefault"
       write-host("Applied - Default 180 Day Purge Policy to "+$_.DisplayName) -ForeGroundColor Green

    Wednesday, April 30, 2014 5:37 PM


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