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  • Hi Everyone;

    I have spent a lot of time on this, hopefully I can get some help and it won't take much longer.

    At the start of April we migrated our 2007 to 2010 using the detach migration method. We installed all the features (one of them installs a masterpage etc). prior to mounting and performaing the content DB upgrade. Everything went smoothly, there were some errors in the migration but the databases did complete the upgrade. The complaints in the error file were from missing features that we couldn't support in the new farm (I have cleaned most if not all of these features using the featureadmin tool from codeplex). So, everything is working except for one thing....

    The calendar view. Basically, its the java/ajax components of the ribbon and the calendar view. For instance when you hover over a date you dont get the green plus sign, or when you click on the filter by days/week/month they stay lit orange and the page doesn't do a postback. No errors on page except browser gives a warning       Message: Object expected      Line: 1077      Char:24 

    I have scoured ULS and found nothing, same for IIS events. It seems like the javascript that handles the postbacks for these items aren't finishing. You can add an item to the calendar list and you can see them in all events, but they won't show on the calendar view itself. I tried creating a new calendar view but no dice (I figured as much).

    Other things to note:

    1. a calendar on a site (that hasn't received a visual upgrade, using the default.master) works natively, but its running probably v3 yes?
    2. I tried recovering to a separate farm, with same version/schema level 14.6159 (i.e. SP1 with no additional Cumulative updates) and those site collections work correctly....so maybe not a result of the migration as I initially thought.
    3. I checked the web config for some missing safe assemblies but they all seem to match what the recovery farm has.
    4. Creating a new site collection still has the same problem. I tried turning on some enterprise and publishing features on and off to see if that might "repair" it....but no luck
    5. Lastly, I ran the sharepoint repair (msi installer) on each web front end, again no luck..

    I'm stumped but we can't start turning on visual upgrades for these sites until we know its working.
    Where should I be looking?!?


    Friday, May 25, 2012 12:26 AM


  • I solved the mystery

    I had to use Fiddler to scope out all the requests that were being made. Turns out there was a feature (KWiz) that was migrated but not activated properly in the 2010 farm. I had to use featureadmin to clean it out from the farm then uninstalled it from each web front end. The feature had some integration into lists for scanning and print controls that were interrupting the page rendering....

    anyway, no idea why it only affected the calendar view, but maybe because its one of the few that have noticeable ajax functions. anyway everyone is happy again :D

    Stefan G

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    Friday, May 25, 2012 3:05 AM