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  • I have an older DPM 2012 R2 machine backup up to disk and then to Azure.

    I replaced it with a new DPM 2016 machine that does the same backups. On the DPM 2012 machine I stopped protection of everything -- deleting disk backups but NOT deleting Azure backups. Hence no new backup jobs ever run on the DPM 2012 machine.

    Ideally I can transfer the Azure backup data to the new DPM 2016 machine (which is protecting exactly the same servers) -- or even better DPM 2016, when backing up to azure simply "notices" the data is already there and links to it, but I'm not seeing a way to do that. Hence I'm retaining the DPM 2012 machine to retain access to the older Azure backups -- though I want those backups deleted per the retention policy set when they were backed up.

    On the New DPM 2016 machine I re-created the same backup-to-disk and backup-to-Azure rules using the same passkey and Azure storage. I'm noticing that with "Add External DPM" I can restore DPM 2012 azure backups on the DPM 2016 machine. Hence Azure is holding double data, backups from the old DPM 2012 machine, and new ones getting created on DPM 2016.

    My concern is over-use of Azure. Old azure-backups linked to the DPM2012 machine don't seem to be getting retired/deleted. What triggers the retention policy and cleaning out of old data on Azure? 

    Wednesday, July 5, 2017 3:27 PM

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