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  • Hi -

    Every time I try and use the Update Project function to reschedule uncompleted work to a certain date, I receive a message stating that Project did not reschedule certain unstarted activities because of constraint date applied to them....

    My questions are:

    - Do all constraints need to be removed and set to As soon as possible for the schedule to schedule/calculate to the status/data date?

    - What if I want some tasks to be As late as possible, taking their free float out...will it calculate/schedule?

    - What if I want the end activity to have a Finish no later than constraint, causing negative float if the schedule is planned to be late?

    Thank you for the input.

    Sunday, April 17, 2016 10:45 PM

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  • Tf0,

    First the background: when you use "Update Project" to reschedule uncompleted work, Project inserts a SNET constraint (corresponding to the date you've entered) for unstarted work.  If your task already has a non-ASAP constraint (other than a SNET whose date is earlier than your re-schedule date), then Project will not reschedule the work and will give the message you reference.

    To your specific questions:

    • Except for SNET in the past, yes - you need to remove constraints if you want Project to reschedule the work.  If your schedule relies on numerous constraints, then you'll have to reset these yourself.
    • Project does NOT have a zero-free-float constraint.  Its ALAP constraint removes a task's Total Slack - not very useful. You can mimic ZFF scheduling in Project using some backward logic along with some duplicate tasks to preserve the correct logic flow. 
    • Use a Deadline instead of FNLT.

    By the way, Project's "Status Date" is a much weaker construct than the "Data Date" in other tools.  It's best not to confuse them.  

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  • Thanks Tom - appreciate the answer!
    Tuesday, April 19, 2016 6:01 PM