MDT Task Sequence Templates for SCCM Need Updating


  • So after updating our SCCM to 1806 and integrating MDT 8450 I immediately went to create a new MDT Task Sequence to check over the differences.

    As we'd been having issues with winre.wim not going onto the RECOVERY partition, after some research we'd identified that our partition structure was out of date and the RECOVERY partition was too small.

    How surprised we were to find that the partition structure for a UEFI disk was still incorrect and had not been updated. Was I going mad? I checked the standard SCCM TS and that was correct. I went to my MDT Server and checked that and that was correct - so what was I missing?

    After a bit of digging, I worked out where the templates sat for both MDT and SCCM (not too hard, just never had need to look before).

    Clearly someone appears to have missed updating SCCM_Client.xml in the MDT Toolkit (probably the rest too).

    Can we get that fixed?

    A simple cut and paste from Client.xml doesn't work and I can't see how to export the xml from SCCM in order to edit my copy.

    Saturday, October 13, 2018 7:34 PM