CygWin 1.7.6

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  • This is a recipe for CygWin along with any updates, patches, service packs that may be part of this install. 


    Application Name: Cygwin

    Application Version: 1.7.6

    Company Name: Red Hat

    Sequencer Version: Tested with 4.5 and 4.6

    App-V Client Version Tested On: Windows XP SP3, Windows Vista SP2, Windows 7

    Client Operating Systems Successfully Deployed To: Windows XP SP3, Windows Vista SP2, Windows 7

    Posted by Microsoft Employee: Steve Thomas




    1.) Download the Cygwin setup utility from the following site:

    2.) Run the Cygwin installation (SETUP.EXE) and select the option to “Download without Installing.”

    3) Specify the directory for the location of the downloaded files.

    4.) Select the desired connection type and mirror location.

    5.) Select the components you want to download.   


    Steps to Sequence the Application:


    1.) Make sure the PC meets minimum requirements for Cygwin, the Sequencer and Windows itself.  Follow all best practices, including having a Physical Q:\ drive an turning off Windows update, Defender, Indexing, etc…

    2.) Install the Sequencer.

    3.) Copy the installation files that was previously downloaded (Pre-requisites – Step 3) to a locally accessible directory on the sequencer.

    4.) Prior to Sequencing, you will need to create an exclusion for the Sequencing Drive and the Cygwin home directory for the individual user home directories. The Cygwin environment opens up a shell process that must begin in a directory marked as user data. In the case of the Cygwin Bash Shell, it will create a directory under <MNT>\Cygwin\Home\ for the username (which will then get redirected to the PKG file once sequenced properly.)

    If you are sequencing to the Q: drive, you would add in the following path:


    (This assumes you are sequencing to Cygwin.001 as the mount and the install directory is Q:\cygwin.001\cygwin)

    Exclusions are found by going to the Tools menu and selecting "Options." Click the "Exclusions Items" tab and add the exclusion as a VFS exclusion.

    5.) Run Sequencer, start a New package; enter all required and needed information.

    6.) Start, monitoring… Provide an 8.3 folder name to install Cygwin such as Cygwin.001 and click ok.

    7.) Run the Cygwin installer. Click Next and select “Select “Install from Local Directory.”

    8.) Change the root directory by clicking the “browse” button, select the location on q: (q:\ Cygwin.001) and click OK.

    9.) Specify the local package directory (where you copied the files on the sequencer.) Make sure all of the components you want are marked forinstallation.

    10.) Click Next>; click Install.  Then Click Finish once you are done installing.

    11.) While still monitoring, launch Cygwin (there should be a desktop shortcut for Cygwin - Cygwin.bat).  You will get a shell prompt.

    12.) Stop Monitoring.   Continue to Application Wizard.

    13.) Edit Shortcuts as needed; launch Cygwin and complete sequencing.

    14.)   Save your package.


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