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    I was having some trouble with my audio drivers (no sound when using enhancments such as SRS) so I decided to reinstall my drivers. Simple enough right? Well I went to dell.com downloaded the correct drivers, uninstalled the old and installed the new. Restart. Oops? After the splash screen with the microsoft logo it just sits with a black screen and my mouse. I can control my mouse but no commands will work. So I did the following... (and I've already contacted dell and thanks to a tech support genius from India (out-sourcing jobs, way to go dell!)) it is worse than it started out(I'll explain).

    (all of this was done in safe mode which still works)
    1. tried last known good configuration
    2. system restore to before i uninstalled the original driver
    3. virus/spyware scan
    4. registry fixer
    5. checked the HDD for errors
    6. tried to boot from DVD to use the repair function but vista now will not boot from the install DVD either again stays on the splash screen (this time a vista theme wall-paper but still just the mouse and nothing happening)

    So I called Dell tech support and they had my uninstall my video driver (7600GT 163.69), I restarted and no help. They then had me go to BIOS and load defaults which causes me to get a "diskette drive 0 seek failure" every time I start the computer and I presume my media card reader does not work because windows update installed a floppy disk driver isntead. After loading defaults it still will not boot. After giving me the run around the tech said he would have to email me a solution when they researched the problem further. BUT MY PC STILL WILL NOT BOOT! I have don everything I can think of. I looked online and the only suggestion I have found is let it sit long enough to work itself out... so its been sitting about an hour now and still on a pitch black screen with the mouse in the middle.

    Any suggestions?

    My specs-
    AMD Athlon X2 5600+
    2GB 667Mhz Ram
    320GB WD HDD (two 150GB partitions)
    XFX 7600GT
    crappy dell mobo (nForce 410 i think)[audio is intigrated suposidly 7.1 HD audio)

    P.S. I'm tired of troubleshooting vista, it seems like every time I get everything working right another major problem pops up. I have re-installed vista so many times that my copied cds will not play due to the 10 liscence download limit on WMA format. Last time I ever use windows media player to copy a cd. Microsoft has really dropped the ball on vista. I love the new features (especially start menu search[btw that will be in SP3 of XP, if only I had known!]) but it looks like M$ dropped a beta on us and we were stupid enough not to wait for SP1. As always the early adopters get burnt. I am a gamer and DX10 is only on vista so for the future its the only option. I am ranting here but M$ goes so far to protect the big media corperations that they burn the end user's performance with tons of anti-piracy *** built into the OS. I am no pirate and I don't agree with the pirates but when it comes to hurting the performace of my PC thats crossing the line. With vista M$ sold out big time and even after selling out they only delivered a so-so at best OS. Not to mention, the vista certified scandal watch out if it says vista ready/certified I have found "vista ready" devices and software that "works with vista" are at best a 50-50 shot. After paying 200-400$ for an OS (Does anyone else think that price is rediculous by the way?) needless to say I was certianly expecting more. Until Google releases an open source OS there will be nothing better. Sad.

    P.P.S. Whoever designed this forum sit should be killed, slowly... as slow as it takes to flip 30 pages with no skip ahead function.
    Monday, November 5, 2007 7:27 PM