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  • I've created a Software Installation gpo to install a new, custom LOB app when certain users logon. There's going to be a lot of updates to this application at first. I'm trying to automate this so that whenever the developers replace the current apps .msi that is attached to this gpo. We want the users to just be able to log off and back on when the updates are place to install the updated version of this application without having to run gpupdate or re-selecting the package in the gpo. Using Server 2012 R2.



    Wednesday, February 3, 2016 8:03 PM


  • Hi,
    The Group Policy Software Installation setting keeps its own APP cache with it's own list of software, and will install the app if it's not in that list.
    Any packages found are compared to those already downloaded onto the client computer – the client computer records received packages in the registry and caches .aas files. Any new or changed packages are processed. I'm not sure what will be updated to this application each time, and whether the updates will be treated as new by Group Policy Software Installation.
    Anyway, Software Installation GPO's have numerous limitations and are not the most flexible method to deploy applications. If you have specifical requirements, a real deployment solution like SCCM will be better .


    Ethan Hua

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