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  • Hello,

    I am new to MS Project and have the following question in relation to preparing a Manpower diagram and cost report.

    For example:

    I have an activity that is called prefabrication pipework = 5 000 MHRS total and a duration of 10 weeks at 40 hrs/wk/men = 500 MHRS/wk = 12,5 men/week.

    Now I have estimated that due to availability of prefabrication drawings and materials we can only do 200 MHRS/wk for the first 2 weeks and 300 MHRS wk no. 3 and 4 resulting in that we have to do 4 000 MHRS during the remaining 6 weeks = approx. 16,6 men/week.

    How do I do this in MS Project in order to get a accurate Manpower diagram, planned progress and cost/wk.

    Thanks in advance, Rinus

    Friday, January 17, 2014 4:14 PM

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  • Hi Rinus,

    Which version are you using?

    Here is what I can suggest. Create your task with a 10 weeks duration, then your generic resource (could be name pipeworker, associated with a rate, 80$ in my case.

    • Switch to the task usage view and enter manually the work repartition by week.
    • You can display the timescale by week in the "view" tab. 
    • You can display the unit in decimal (from file/option/schedule)
    • Display in the bottom part of your screen the resource graph, displaying the peak units
    • Note that in my example, I set the max unit for the resource to 17, meaning I consider that I have 17 worker in my resource pool that can do the job.

    Is here what does it look like:

    Please feel free to ask any more detailed information about this.

    Hope this helps.

    Guillaume Rouyre - MBA, MCP, MCTS

    Friday, January 17, 2014 5:09 PM