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  • Hello All,

    So, after about 2 hours of putzing with this thing and digging up information about internal names and whatnot, I have gotten my ContentQueryWebPart to display "Wiki Categories" in its list of "Additional Filters."  If you know anything about that field, it is a Managed Metadata field that can have multiple selections per content item.  I have tried setting this value for one or more of the available options, but when I try to save the web part I get an error:

    "You must specify a value for filters on managed metadata fields"

    You can see how I would be confused, since... well... I *DID* "specify a value" for that filter.

    Is there some other piece of the puzzle that I am missing?

    Here is the property I added to the CQWP so far: (I added the line breaks and extra tabs for forum readability)

    	<property name="AdditionalFilterFields" type="MultiChoice">
    		Wiki_x0020_Page_x0020_Categories,Wiki Categories


    Thanks in advance,


    - Matt

    Tuesday, October 26, 2010 4:26 PM


  • Apparently I'm plagued... Anywho, I think I found a workaround for this problem:


    I just changed the value of the FilterField1 element in my exported web part to the name of my Wiki Categories field and filled in the value manually.  I think it is best if you set the first filter from within the "Edit Web Part" dialog on the page and save it before exporting.  You will pretty much have to scrap that web part after doing this since I did not find a place where web-part instances were stored.  But when you re-import your new webpart everything should be greate.  Mine seems to work just fine now.

    As per usual, if anybody has a better solution I'd be happy to know about it!  Alternatively please reply if you want more details on my workaround!

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