Windows Single Language Installation


  • I bought Windows 10 Single Language a few months ago when building my computer, and I've since bought an SSD so I needed to clean install on the SSD. It was impossible to install Windows 10 Single Language on the SSD (I was getting a strange error to do with partitions being in the wrong format containing the terms "NTFS" and "FAT32" even though I was using a new, blank ssd. I tried with multiple boot USB's before calling tech support), and when I called Microsoft Technical Support they weren't very helpful and merely told me to click Windows 10 (not single language) during the installation process, as single language "Isn't supported" (Why don't Windows support their own product?). The installation was successful with Windows 10 but now I have an unactivated Windows 10 on my computer and no product key to enable it, since I only own a licence to Windows 10 Single Language. Is anyone familiar with the Single Language installation issue that I saw? I was considering trying an upgrade from my current version to Single Language as it's a different process upgrading an existing version. I really want to avoid having to buy another Windows 10 licence just because it was strangely impossible to install Windows 10 Single Language.
    Wednesday, April 26, 2017 12:05 PM

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