Can't Authenticate on Windows 10, iPad 2 or Android RRS feed

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  • I use an outlook email account and have 2FA turned on.

    I installed the Authenticator on a Win 10 Desktop, an iPad2 and an Android mobile phone.

    I have used App Passwords on these devices including Outlook 2010 for the Office suite.

    When I want to log into the outlook website, to say get an app password, the ipad2 gets a notification. However it displays the "Passcode or Touch ID has changed..." message shown below. I don't know what re-enable phone sign-in means?

    The Android phone and Windows 10 do not. I can refresh the Android phone app and it reports "No notifications found". The Windows 10 App doesn't have a refresh option. Both show an 8 digit code only.

    I borrowed an new iPad from a friend and installed the authenticator app on it. It works as expected, sometimes only requiring approval on the iPad, but sometimes I need to select one of three two digit codes. (I didn't get a screenshot of them, but I include below one I found on-line.

    I need to return the iPad I borrowed so I'd appreciate any advice on how I can approve sign-ins via the iPas2, the Android phone and the Win10 App.


    Sorry - seems that I cant include images yet?

    Wednesday, May 23, 2018 6:42 AM