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  • HI,

    I want to access DB2 database (Linux) from my WCF program (Windows Server).

    Am trying with below options to connect DB2 database.

    1.Data Access Tool

    2. Entity model


    1.Am able to connect to Linux Server DB2, but am not able to fetch sample query as it giving below error.

    Am using visual studio 2012. I was able to connect and fetch records when I installed VS 2012.

    I uninstalled and re installed VS 2012 due to some other reason, post reinstalling VS2012 am getting below error.

    "Could not Connect to Data source" General Error.

    Please guide me why am getting above error in data access tool even though I provide correct details.

    2 If I successfully connect data access tool and create linked server, is it possible to call Linux DB2 from console application or


    3. Please suggest me whether VS2013 is compatible with HIS 2013?

    Please guide me to connect DB2 database as am new to HIS an facing lot of issues to successfully connect Linux DB2.

    Please suggest me if anyone knows sample links.



    Monday, May 2, 2016 10:07 AM

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  • Dear Manasa,

    first of all sorry for the delay in responding. We had to clean up spam from the forum.

    So, fist of all you should test with the Data access utility. Once you created the connection string try to run a sample query. If this one succeeds you can use this connection string i you application regardless whether it is a console or a WCF apps.

    Not sure whether I understood what did with VS2012. If I read that correctly you have been able to fetch records already ?

    In my testing VS 2013 is working fine with HIS 2013.

    You may want to run a network capture in order to find out why the connection is failing.

    Many thanks

    Manfred Mittermüller

    -- MSFT --

    Monday, June 27, 2016 1:16 PM
  • Oh,

    forgot to mention that you need at least HIS 2013 cumulative updgrade 1 for VS2013 to work wiht HIS 2013.

    This is described in

    I would recommend to use CU3 (includes the fix as well)


    Manfred Mittermüller

    -- MSFT --

    Monday, June 27, 2016 2:16 PM