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  • I had a homegroup working that included this laptop. Because of problems with another PC in the homegroup I disconnect everything from this homegroup, tried to remove it as far as possible and create a new one. This finally worked everywhere, but on this laptop the old homegroup cannot be completely removed and therefore this laptop does not see nor can connect to the new homegroup provided by another PC in the network.

    I deleted all entries in C:\Windows\ServiceProfiles\LocalService\AppData\Roaming\PeerNetworking. In services.msc, homegroup listener and homegroup provider were inactive, so I started them and set start to automatic. The same for peer network grouping, peer network identity manager and peer name resolution protocol, which were also all inactive.

    Then I started the laptop new, connected the homegroup provider PC to the network first, then the laptop, but I still see the old homegroup in its homegroup display. If I click on "show password", nothing happens. If I click on "leave homegroup", it says: could not leave. It does not show me the new homegroup created by the other PC nor offer me a possibility to connect to it.

    It seems as if the wrong homegroup screen is shown to me persistently. I always have the "change homegroup settings" screen, even if the network is not yet connected and I would instead expect something like "you cannot connect to a homegroup because you are not connected to a network".

    The automatic homegroup repair function cannot find any problem. I reset the network connection several times.  sfc/scannow finishes without finding any inconsistencies. I am using the latest windows 10 update.

    How can I delete the broken homegroup entry from the laptop so it is ready to see the new homegroup and connect to it? 

    As a possible workaround: can the homegroup parameters be seen and set manually somewhere, e.g. in the registry?

    Wednesday, November 9, 2016 12:35 PM

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