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  • I Have a 2 weeks old system (Intel Core™2 Quad Q6600 processor, 1000 GB Disk, 3072 MB DDR2 RAM, 512 MB nVidia GeForce 8600GS. VISTA HOME PREMIUM.)

    I have had some trouble with the reboot hanging before, but it has always worked after a hard reset. Yesterday however I installed Norman AV and it demanded a restart. The restart never finished however, and after waiting for about half an hour, I decided to use the powerswitch. Upon restart I got the message that vista had not shutdown normally, but I just continued. After that I get to the green progressbar and the screen goes black. Nothing more happens at all. After doing this a couple of times (and allowing plenty of time for it to do something (+1hour)) I have no other choice but to try to hardreset again ctrl-alt-del does not work.

    Tried safemode etc. and all the clue I get is that crcdisk.sys is the last thing to load. Have read on the other threads here with differnet solutions all from disconnecting harddrives to change bios settings, but I would not do such drastics things if it is another "fix" to this problem. Have tried to run chkdsk but nothing happens. It just hangs. As this system came with no recovery disk, I had the option to make this myself, but I never got around to it (sounds familiar?). I do however have the repair option after i press f8, but when it scans my hd for errors, it just hangs after under 10% complete (my guess)

    If any of you have any suggestion I would appreciate all the help I can get. As a last resort I guess I still have the warranty and can switch the 'puter, but then I have to reinstall a lot of things.

    Thank you in Advance

    Thursday, April 17, 2008 4:03 PM


  • Just got home from the computerdealer. They looked at my machine, shook their head and gave me a new one. So I guess my problem is solved, but I really hope MS will do something about this as it apparantly happens to many people. i just hope this machine i got in return will not suffer from it Smile Thanx for trying to help guys Smile
    Tuesday, April 22, 2008 4:59 PM

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  • Readbird


    What other options do you have after using F8 at boot? Different manufacturers can configure a variety of start up and recovery options on the F8 screen. One thing you can do is uplug all peripheral devices from the computer, except the keyboard, prior to restarting.


    If you have the 'Last known good' option on the F8 screen menu, try that. This will load the system to the latest state that it was in when it last started successfully.


    If you have 'Safe Mode with Command Prompt' select that option and press Enter. If the command prompt opens, you can type:




    press Enter.


    This should open the System Restore component where you can select a previous restore point and hopefully restore the system to that previous date.


    You can ignore the crcdisk.sys being the last file to load, this is supposed to be the last file that loads when going to Safe Mode.


    If none of this helps, I would recommend calling the manufacturers support and asking what type of recovery options are available for you.


    Ronnie Vernon
    Microsoft MVP
    Windows Desktop Experience
    Thursday, April 17, 2008 7:22 PM
  • Hi Ronnie!

    Thanx for your answere. Tried that rstrui.exe and nothing happened. For the menu things after F8 It is as followed (Norwegian first and MY english afterwards (but I guess you will know what it is)

    Reparer Datamaskin
    (repair computer)

    Sikker modus
    (safe modus)
    Sikker modus med nettverkstilkoblinger
    (safe modus with network)
    Sikker modus med ledetekst
    (safe modus with text? a little unsure here, but at least you can see what is loaded)

    Aktiver oppstartslogging
    (log startup)
    Aktiver lavoppløsningsmodus (640x480)
    Activate lowres (640x480)
    Siste fungerende konfigurasjon
    (last know good configuration) ---> Does not work
    Modus for gjenoppretting av katalogtjenester
    (restore catalog services?) does not work either
    (Troubleshootingmodus) ---> Here I found out that crcdisk.sys was the last succesful driver loaded
    Deaktiver automatisk omstart ved systemfeil
    (deactivate automatic reboot on system error)
    Deaktiver tvungen driver signatur
    (deactivate forced driver signature)

    Start windows på normal måte
    (start windows normally)

    I Hope you understand what I am trying to say here and understand my options.

    Friday, April 18, 2008 3:07 AM
  • ReadBird


    I understand.


    It looks like you have tried all of the options that are available from the F8 menu that could possibly help, and none of them are working.


    At this point, you need to contact the manufacturer of that system and ask what other recovery options you have. Most manufacturers will have a hidden partition that allows you to restore the system back to the state it was in when it was new.


    The procedure for accessing the hidden partition varies depending on how the manufacturer set this up.


    Let us know what you find.


    Ronnie Vernon
    Microsoft MVP
    Windows Desktop Experience
    Friday, April 18, 2008 2:53 PM
  • I have now done everything that i have seen here. All from disableded harddisk, to going into bios. Nothing works. I mean that I have a pretty clean vista machine, and it doesn't work. My only fault is that I didnt make a recovery disc. But please dont tell me that I am screwed because of that. I have sendt a supportcase to Fujitso Siemens that has made my puter, but I    hope we can get an answere here..

    If anybody else have done something like I have done. I hope you will say so. Having a new computer that you can not use, is like having a pocket full of cigarettes without a lighter!
    Saturday, April 19, 2008 2:22 AM



    The issue can be caused by a incompatible hardware driver.


    Let’s unplug all unnecessary devices such as sound card, network card, printer and external hard drives. Then start the system again.


    If the issue persists, I suggest trying the following methods to troubleshoot the issue.


    Method 1: Startup Repair from the Windows Recovery Environment (WinRE)


    Method 2: System Restore from WinRE


    Usually we can use a Windows Vista disk to enter WinRE. However, some OEMs create WinRE partitions on their computers. As you computer is an OEM one and you do not have a Windows Vista disk, you may need to contact your computer manufacturer for detailed steps how to enter WinRE.


    Hope it helps.


    Tim Quan - MSFT

    Monday, April 21, 2008 8:47 AM
  • Just got home from the computerdealer. They looked at my machine, shook their head and gave me a new one. So I guess my problem is solved, but I really hope MS will do something about this as it apparantly happens to many people. i just hope this machine i got in return will not suffer from it Smile Thanx for trying to help guys Smile
    Tuesday, April 22, 2008 4:59 PM
  • I recently had the crcdisk.sys stall.  Maybe that can be caused by many different problems. 

    MS tech recommended deleting the following files:











    I couldn't even get to a prompt.


    Finally using a new hard drive I booted.  The boot would not work if the old drive was mounted as a 2nd hard drive.


    I then used a SATA to USB device to access the old drive.  I then had full access to everything on the disk.   Deleted the files (only 3 were there).    The disk then could be used to boot. 



    Monday, April 28, 2008 2:40 PM
  • My notebook is doing this. It's hard to DC video card, etc. Would it help to skip the disconnects and try it?

    Since I have no disc, couldn't I just download Vista from MS and boot from that? Excuse my ignorance. Would that wipe the hard disc?

    When I tried the "last good point" option it hangs and stays black.

    VERY frustrating.

    Vista home Premium, HP "Entertainment" laptop
    2 yrs old
    No gaming, __p 0 rNo__ , or other risky community contacts.

    Sunday, September 27, 2009 5:35 PM
  • Boot with F8
    Choose to boot without driver signing
    It will start perfectly

    This crcdisk.exe problem stems from machines that were originally loaded with an OP SYS other than Vista Home Premium then upgraded to Vista Hoe Premium (either by you or the factory).  It so happens that the original crcdisk.exe is not upgraded properly and this is the resulting problem.  Soon you will have another problem...when the machine is ON but notused for some period of time Vista will freeze AFTER the NIVDIA display drivers fail (screen will go white and there will be lines runnig at sort of horizontal angels).  Go to Driverguide.com and join.  Then Driverguide will sniff all of yourOP SYS drivers and will replace the NIVDIA drivers and 4-5 others. You should be ok at that point until the lousy Software Quality Assurance people let you fnd out that Vista has a problem with the chipset.  Get Hot CPU Tester 4 and run it.  THAT TEST takes 6 hours.
    Monday, January 25, 2010 9:09 PM