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  • Hi All,

    I am confusing to reduce time below description.

    We are going to move datacenter migration from one domain to another domain.

    For this we are going to do move users AD to ADFS, then we are moving users from SharePoint environment.

    Time consumption:

    Database Backup - 10 hrs

    Moving users script for one web application , It took time 25 hrs for 22000 users.

    If we are going to do one more web application (UPS related) it took time more than 30 hrs.

    Query 1) How to make plane to reduce Downtime

    Query 2) What steps should follow to reduce time all the possibilities

    Tuesday, March 7, 2017 7:20 AM


  • Hi,

    If once you need to move your SharePoint server from one domain to another domain you have to know this is not an easy process.

    Suggested steps for your reference (which would save your time):

    1. Establish two way domain trust between Domain A (old) and Domain B.

    2. Setup and Install new SharePoint Server on Domain B.

    3. Migrate all roles and service applications to new server and stop the domain A server services.

    4. Update all service accounts and farm admin account with new Domain users.

    5. Migrate all other needed users and groups using script.

    6. Check if needed Equalize all custom solutions, and web.config files and make a complete test of your custom solutions.

    7. Stop all services on Domain A SharePoint servers and test your all application for any problem.

    8. Disconnect old servers (domain A servers) from farm.

    9. Stop All Sharepoint servers on Domian B

    10. Stop SQL Server, change domain of SQL Server and start SQL server services.

    11. Start SharePoint Servers and remove domain trusts.

    Time consumption of move content and users using script depend on the performance of your environment and other causes. It’s hard to avoid spending time for these behaviors.


    Dean Wang

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