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  • I have found many references to this issue on the forum, but no solution that works in my case. I believe that I am lacking a fundamental understanding of a security issue so I will attempt to provide as much up front information as possible. I can publish SSRS reports from BIDS to my local computer but when I try and publish the same reports to a production server, I get a login dialog (which I cannot get passed). Here are the particulars. My environment is a home office. I have my computer (which works with the localhost designation) running on a workgroup network (not domain based). My server is another machine on the network (named “serverone”). Both machines are running Windows XP Professional. The BIDS project “Debug” property page has the TargetServerURL set to http://localhost/ReportServer. The “Production” property page has the TargetServerURL set to http://serverone/ReportServer. I am logged on as an administrator but I cannot publish to the remote server (serverone) from my machine (localhost). I have also tried using the actual TCIP address of the server in place of the serverone name to no avail. I believe that my problem is related to authentication between the two SQL Server 2005 instances running on separate machines on a workgroup based network rather than a domain based network but I cannot find any information that might be useful under these circumstances. Now, here is my workaround (but this seems very wrong). From the logon dialog generated in BIDS, the user ID name was blank. When I attempted to remotely access the Report Manager on the server from my machine, IE tried to logon using the “serverone/guest” account. I added an administrator role to the guest account on the server and everything works as expected. As I mentioned before, this seems very wrong. Currently, both machines were set to use the “local system” account during setup, but I am not even sure what that means. I tried setting the server to use the “Network Service” account as suggested in one of the forum threads but that did not work. Any help here would be greatly appreciated as I am sure that allowing the “Guest” account to have “Administrator” privileges is a bad idea.

    Tuesday, April 29, 2008 11:16 PM


  • Hi there,


    Not sure about your security situation but it probably has something to do with not being on a domain. 


    RSScripter is another method for deploying reports that is useful for disconnected environments.


    It has a command-line tool for deployment.  Since this tool uses the web service, it may spit out additional details that BIDS doesn't if it encounters any problems.




    Otherwise it can be placed on the production server and then run directly against Reporting Services from there.




    Wednesday, April 30, 2008 1:38 PM