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  • Hi there,

    We are developing an application integration between Oracle EBS 12.2 and Cybersource(Payment Processing Tokenization System).  So from our EBS 12.2 front end jsp, we are opening a window for users to add their credit card. Newly opened window is being redirected to Cyversource which is PCI compliant site. User will enter their credit card and submit the page. On successfull submission, cybersource will send accepted response and say that your card is accepted. Now, we want to close this window and have the user go back to front end Page.

    Above functionality is working fine in Firefox and Chrome but it does not work in IE.  Here is the javascript code which we are running in pop up page:

    		function refresh_parentpage() 
    			var rf='Y';
    			if(navigator.appName.indexOf("Microsoft Internet Explorer-IGNORE") != -1)
    				<% out.print("window.opener.location.href = '" + (urlofourfrontpagewithallparameters)+"'"); %>;
    				if (window.opener.progressWindow)
    				alert("You might need to refresh the payment option page to load the new card upon this window close.");  

    Can you identify what could be the issue and how can we solve it? We have compatibility view set to checked, we allow all pop ups, java script is enabled in IE. 

    Thank you for your help in advance. 

    Thursday, July 20, 2017 8:26 PM

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  • Hi,

    scripted window outcomes can be affected by

    1. IE popup blocker settings (Tools>Popup blocker settings)

    2. IE security zone settings and the domains of the parent and child windows. Use the File>Properties menu to determine which ie security zone a domain/site/host maps to.

    Internet Options>Security tab, click "Reset all zones to default", to reset your IE security zones to their default. Your site and the service supplier sites should map to the same IE security zone (expected Internet).

    3. Third party addons... Some third-party addons have their own popup blocking features. The first step in troubleshooting web browser issues is to test in noAddons mode (winkey+r>iexplore.exe -extoff ).

    To troubleshoot blocked content, security, and XSS issues first.

    Tools>Internet Options>Advanced tab, check "Always record developer console messages". Save changes.

    I would guess that your IE security zone settings in your test/development environment may be the cause.... use the above debugging tips to debug your application or...

    If possible include with your questions about web site development (html, css and scripting) a link to your website or a jsfiddle mashup that shows the issue.

    Also include with your question any error output from the developer tool console, or Network traces.


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    Friday, July 21, 2017 1:20 AM