How to authenticate with R Server in a c# app as local admin and how to get service specific swagger.json? RRS feed

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  • I am trying to consume a service in a c# app as local admin. I created the client library for the core api from the swagger file showed in this post: . But I faced the problem that i am unable to authenticate with the r server as I always get a timeout. I am also unable to get the service specific swagger.json  The following code shows my attempt, but the debugging always stops at var loginResponse in the login Task :

    class Program
            // --- CREATE API CLIENT -------------------------------------------------------------
            static DeployRClient client = new DeployRClient(new Uri("serverip"));
            static void Main(string[] args)
                var auth = Login();
                var createSessionResponse = client.CreateSession(
                new CreateSessionRequest("Session One"));
                Console.WriteLine("Session ID: " + createSessionResponse.SessionId);
            async static Task Login()
                // Authenticate using username/password
                var loginRequest = new LoginRequest("username", "password");
                var loginResponse = await client.LoginAsync(loginRequest);
                // Set Authorization header with `Bearer` and access-token
                var headers = client.HttpClient.DefaultRequestHeaders;
                var accessToken = loginResponse.AccessToken;
                headers.Add("Authorization", $"Bearer {accessToken}");
    Furthermore i am able to execute remote commands on the R server in my R script. Thanks for the help!

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