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  • I'm having issues getting documents to open read/write when users launch the document from an in-house corporate application.  The situation is this:

    • The application is a case management system, that runs in Java from in IE.  We've been running via IE7 and Office 2003, but with a new SOE will be moving to IE9 and Office 2010.
    • The application uses information stored in its database to generate documents.  The user chooses to produce a document, which will be launched in MS Word.  The first time the document is created, it's opened read/write.
    • The user can then edit the document, and use an Office macro to save the edited document back into the system.
    • After it's saved back, the user can re-open the document from within the application.  They should be able to make further edits to the document, and re-save to the system.  The document is opening read-only at this point though.
    • If I save the document (rather than opening directly) and then open it, it opens read/write.  That's not an acceptable solution though, we don't want users to have the documents saved locally, as well as in the database.
    • Opening the document by linking directly to the document location in IE - so not using the java application to launch it, purely using IE - has the same result.
    • I've disabled all group policy on a test machine, to see whether a policy setting was getting in the way.  Same result though.

    I'm at a loss as to how I can get the document to simply open for the users, and allow editing.  I've disabled as much security in IE as I can to try to find what's stopping the document from opening read/write, I have the source location added to trusted sites, I've added the source as a trusted location via Word's trust centre - nothing I'm doing is working.  

    Any suggestions would be gratefully accepted right about now!

    Sunday, February 17, 2013 11:33 PM


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