I need to block color printing on a copier (Toshiba 5015ac). RRS feed

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  • I need to block color printing on a copier (Toshiba 5015ac).

    I am writing here for help as (1) Toshiba doesn't have an answer at least yet, and (2) my "fix" for the problem involves Printing Rules set in Printer Preferences.

         Our tech consultants are not coming up with a fix either for the situation I am describing below either.  They are making an honest effort but without results.

         Whether configured on a Print Server, or configured locally on a Windows 10 computer via TCP/IP Standard printing, I can't lock out color unless I use Printing Rules.  In Printing Preferences, having "Color" set to B&W only does not block a user from selecting color and then printing in color (even if set in an administrative access print server).

         Our issue is people forget to switch back to B&W printing and the next user inadvertently prints (wastes expensive color ink) in color.

         Using the Black&White Printing Rule, whether set in a print server or locally on a computer, DOES block color printing.  However, having the Black&White printing rule in place blocks users from making ANY other printing changes, such as Stapling, on subsequent print jobs.  Color is blocked on all subsequent print jobs, but so are any other modifications.

         It seems REALLY ODD to me that having just one print rule in effect (Black&White) in Printing Preferences should block subsequent completely unrelated modifications like selecting stapling.  I want ONLY B&W printing to be mandatory without losing subsequent printing flexibility. 

         Is it the case that ANY printing rule renders other subsequent printing options (stapling, hole punches, etc) unavailable?  Is there any way around this?  I tried setting B&W, Stapling, hole punching, etc printing rules but don't want them applied inflexibly to all subsequent print jobs.

         Any assistance in this matter would be gretly appreciated.

    Sunday, March 22, 2020 11:45 PM