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    I had a drive marked retired in a 2 drive simple mirrored volume (ReFS).      I suspected some recent power issues triggered a drive to be marked bad.  SMART metrics are all good/pass, and drive is relatively new.   I wanted to try and erase/reset the drive to a normal drive and re-sync it to the mirrored volume.        I booted the windows 10 Pro machine with only the retired drive turned on -- with good one off/not in system.     Ironically, when only the "bad" drive is powered up (1 side of the mirror), it is no longer marked as retired!     Reboot and power them both up, and original is again retired and says to add a new drive and replace it.    I do not think this drive is bad, plus I do not have another drive or slot to replace it.    

    What I did next messed me up big time.   I rebooted with only the "bad" physical disk connected.  Then I tried to wipe it using disk management/format.     That got rid of the Volume (Drive D).       I assumed all the state was contained in the other drive (not connected now).  Why would it not be as this could very well be the surviving drive in a crashed mirror.     But obviously I was wrong.    After I rebooted on only the "good" drive... the Drive letter assignment was still missing!  

    Here is a screen shot (couldnt paste here yet) that Storage Spaces Manager shows, with no Drive assignment.     I cannot add one there either.   Yet it says the physical drive is fine.       Is there any way to recover my data from the drive by reassigning a drive label to it?      Nothing was read/written to this disk since it was a valid, healthy mirrored drive.      

    Note that no Drive letter is there and it cannot be added through the GUI.   I was messing with Powershell but couldnt figure out if any sequence of commands would fixit.    I tried to repair virtual disk, no error, but nothing seemed to change.

    Any help appreciated.     I am trying to do a recovery from backup...but it is very slow going right now.

    Thanks in advance for any help in reassessing the mirror (1 side that is good).



    Thursday, June 29, 2017 11:40 AM

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