Windows keep crashing after installing updates. RRS feed

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  • Some years ago I invested in a very fast PC, and upgraded it in the years after. Additional RAM, SSD etc.

    This resulted in a PC that -to this day- is running very well, performs very well and has no issues whatsoever.

    The original Windows 7 got upgraded to Windows 10, again no problems.

    Late 2019, the first problems arose after the automatic installed updates, resulting in BSODs after the patches were applied, and the only option that worked was go to WinRE and remove the latest 'Quality update'.

    Sometimes Windows was able to resolve the issue itself, but mostly the updates had to be removed by me. I left automatic updates turned on.

    December showed some improvement with little to no issues.

    FFWD to March/April 2020 and it's total mayhem: I think the Windows upgrades have cost me 10 years of my life, BSODs all over the place, several days a week (retries) and totally no feedback on what is exactly causing the problem, which patch causes all the issues.

    I even used DISM to activate the Policy Editor (gpedit.msc) and disabled installing/configuring updates, but as you now may have guessed: these settings were ignored, as yesterday I was greeted with an 'Updates will be installed' message. :(

    This morning even uninstalling the patches was unsuccessfull and the only option was reverting to a restore point.

    I've contacted MS Netherlands, and they pointed me here.

    I really want to able to defer updates for some time (and not just 7 days!). Microsoft update is breaking my system time and time again and I need an opt-out or another solution.

    Suggestions are very welcome. Basic info on system, update history etc is on my OneDrive : https://t.co/fkOKd0o8h0?amp=1

    A.M.A. I will supply all info to get this fixed.

    Sunday, April 19, 2020 11:48 AM