DNS Entries Won't Remain Static


  • I have several Host (A) DNS records that have set static.

    The problem is they will not remain static, and will eventually go stale and get renewed.

    One of these records belongs to a Server 2003 system. The rest all belong to HP iLO connections. Not all of the HP iLO connections do this, however, and I've not yet found what iLO network setting would be doing this. All look correct, and I haven't found a difference between the ones with the issue and the ones without. Some of them I have been able to get to stay static after repeatedly deleting & recreating.

    If I remove the addresses for DNS servers in the iLO network settings, the iLO can no longer communicate with the DNS servers. This would indicate to me there's something odd going on with the iLO connections, except there's also the 2003 server that doing the same thing, and I was able to get a couple iLOs DNS records to remain static just by deleting & recreating the records. 

    Any assistance will be appreciated. Thanks

    Wednesday, October 16, 2013 3:56 PM

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